Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

If I’m Being Honest

Mean Girls meets The Taming of the Shrew in this romantic follow-up to Always Never Yours

CAMERON BRIGHT is gorgeous, popular, and—according to 99% of Beaumont Prep’s student body—a bitch. But Cameron knows she’s only being honest. It’s not her problem people don’t appreciate it. However, it becomes her problem when her crush, Andrew, sees Cameron’s cruelty up close, threatening any chance she had to win his affection. So Cameron devises a plan: she’ll “tame” herself like Shakespeare’s illustrious shrew, Katherine, and make amends with everyone she’s wronged. If she can reverse her reputation as a mean girl, Andrew will have to take notice.

Cameron’s apology tour begins with Brendan Rosenfeld, the guy whose social life she single-handedly ruined in the sixth grade. If she can get Brendan to forgive her, Andrew might just come around. Only problem is, Brendan wants nothing to do with Cameron and blocks her at every turn. It isn’t until Cameron befriends her school's geekier crowd that she finally breaks through, and she has to admit, hanging out with Brendan isn’t the worst. In fact, he inspires her to want to be a better person and, unlike Andrew, considers her honesty an asset. 

Now, Cameron’s left wondering if maybe she doesn’t have to compromise who she is for the kind of love she deserves.

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Always Never Yours


Shouldn’t a girl get to star in her own love story?

SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD MEGAN HARPER IS about due for her next sweeping romance. It’s inevitable—each of her relationships starts with the perfect guy and ends with him falling in love . . . with someone else. But instead of feeling sorry for herself, Megan focuses on pursuing her next fling, directing theater, and fulfilling her dream college’s acting requirement in the smallest role possible.

So when she’s cast as Juliet (yes, that Juliet) in her high school’s production, it’s a complete nightmare. Megan’s not an actress, and she’s used to being upstaged—both in and out of the theater. In fact, with her mom off in Texas and her dad remarried and on to baby #2 with his new wife, Megan worries if, just like her exes, her family is moving on without her.

Then she meets Owen Okita, an aspiring playwright inspired by Rosaline from Shakespeare’s R+J. A character who, like Megan, knows a thing or two about short-lived relationships. Megan agrees to help Owen with his play in exchange for help catching the eye of a sexy stagehand/potential new boyfriend. Yet Megan finds herself growing closer to Owen, and wonders if he could be the Romeo she never expected.

About Us

Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka met in high school and fell in love over a shared passion for Shakespeare. Austin went on to study English at Harvard so he could continue to impress Emily with his literary analysis, while Emily studied adolescent psychology at Princeton. They live in Los Angeles, where they’ve combined their interests and decided to write stories of high school, literature, and first love.


Praise for Always Never Yours

An utterly charming story of love, family, heartbreak, and drama. I absolutely loved it!
— Morgan Matson, New York Times bestselling author of Since You've Been Gone
Charming characters and an enchanting exploration of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy make this husband-and-wife duo’s debut a must-read.
— Kirkus Reviews
The coauthors wisely balance out the romance with family drama, and Megan’s commitment to a future life in the theater will please readers who share a similar love of Shakespeare and want a little romance to go with their drama.
— Publisher's Weekly
Shakespeare fans, this book was written for you! The witty, seductive characters, the incredible plot — there is no doubt that all types of YA readers will find something to swoon over in this high school love story.
— RT Book Reviews


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