If I’m Being Honest

Mean Girls meets The Taming of the Shrew in this romantic follow-up to Always Never Yours

CAMERON BRIGHT is gorgeous, popular, and—according to 99% of Beaumont Prep’s student body—a bitch. But Cameron knows she’s only being honest. It’s not her problem people don’t appreciate it. However, it becomes her problem when her crush, Andrew, sees Cameron’s cruelty up close, threatening any chance she had to win his affection. So Cameron devises a plan: she’ll “tame” herself like Shakespeare’s illustrious shrew, Katherine, and make amends with everyone she’s wronged. If she can reverse her reputation as a mean girl, Andrew will have to take notice.

Cameron’s apology tour begins with Brendan Rosenfeld, the guy whose social life she single-handedly ruined in the sixth grade. If she can get Brendan to forgive her, Andrew might just come around. Only problem is, Brendan wants nothing to do with Cameron and blocks her at every turn. It isn’t until Cameron befriends her school's geekier crowd that she finally breaks through, and she has to admit, hanging out with Brendan isn’t the worst. In fact, he inspires her to want to be a better person and, unlike Andrew, considers her honesty an asset. 

Now, Cameron’s left wondering if maybe she doesn’t have to compromise who she is for the kind of love she deserves.

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